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Life has changed quite a bit in the three months since my last post! First things first, we sold our house and moved back to Idaho! It all happened so quickly; I want to make sure I document it here on the blog. I know these details will be long forgotten once this baby is here!

I'm originally from Boise - Vinny from Boston. He moved to Boise in the year 2000 and we met in 2003. In 2005 moved to Minneapolis for new jobs (same company). Our time in Minneapolis was interesting but fruitful. I despised the weather (especially the summer, I'm a desert girl!) and we never really connected with anyone locally except our neighbors and when our good friend Sean moved to the Twin Cities from Boston. However, we excelled in our careers and built a great foundation for our marriage.

Once that 'PREGNANT' symbol popped up on the pregnancy test we knew we had some big decisions to make. Staying in Minneapolis was just not an option. We had absolutely no family anywhere nearby (Dusty was the closest! And I know she would be there at the drop of a hat, that's quite the request of a friend!). It just wasn't a setting that we wanted for ourselves or our child.

We bought our house in 2007 so we knew we were bound to lose-our-ass sell for a loss. But this baby would be worth it. Now we just had to decide where to move. Boise (my family)? S. Carolina (V's family)? Elsewhere (Florida, Seattle, Boston were all options we discussed)?

In the end Boise made the most sense but it was not an easy decision. We waited the cautionary twelve weeks and announced our pregnancy to our bosses at work, followed shortly by the request to re-locate (gulp). Since we had focused so much on our careers the last eight years, we were approved with relative ease to transfer our "Minnesota jobs" to the company location in Boise.

Zillow had our house 'zestimated' at a scary, but what we thought was a reasonable number. We lost many nights of sleep over our decision to list the house but we ultimately felt we had no choice but to take this loss. In addition, we were nervous about the time of year - the grossest in Minnesota (snowy, melty, mushy March!).

We called a referred realtor at the most popular realty company in Minnesota (Edina Realty). We knew the commission was probably the highest but at this point, time was of the essence. I wasn't getting any less pregnant! Sherri and her daughter came to our house and they were extremely optimistic, inventory was low and the season was just starting. They were thrilled with the condition of the house, the upgrades we had made and the overall decor. They suggested a listing price that knocked our socks off! Granted, there would still be no profit but if things went as planned, we wouldn't be leaving the Twin Cities in dire straights.

The next steps went amazingly fast, within a week we were officially listed. Our listing went live on a Friday morning and within two hours we had five showings scheduled!!! We were shocked! And so excited. By Friday evening we had two full-price offers. We could not believe what was happening. We anticipated being in Minnesota until June, living seperately for months and traveling across the country hugely pregnant.

On Friday evening we reviewed the two offers, selected our choice (this was easy and I'll tell you why in the next post!). The rest of the process went fairly smooth. Our buyers were financed with an FHA loan so we had a few extra inspections and hurdles but overall things went very smooth. In the end, we listed our  house on March 8th and we were driving across the country, back home, on April 19th.

In my next post I'll give you details on what helped us sell our house and how to make your offer stand out from others!

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Katie June 3, 2013 at 1:13 PM  

wow! congrats on selling your house so quickly! i completely understand the desire to move - we always thought we'd be closer to friends and family before starting a family. you are so lucky that you were able to relocate with your jobs - the biggest thing keeping us in stl is the need for employement! i'm now 3 weeks away from the our due date, but am suprisingly feeling ok about doing this on our own. although i do sometimes wonder "what if" and think about moving back to ohio sooner rather than later... best of luck to you, hope the pregnancy is going well.

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