Making Ourselves at Home in the Dream House

Now that we've seen the dream house - watch us make ourselves very much at home!

Apparently we are VERY thirsty ladies!

For Beth's birthday I made her a poster that we all signed. The poster was full of photos from all of our GTGs (starting back in 2008!). It was so crazy to look back at pictures where there was only one kiddo in our group and now almost everyone is a mom, many are a mom of more than one! We've come a long way ladies!

Steph surprised us all with AMAZING, custom cookies from Salsa Sweets (seriously, check out her Facebook page!). Each cookie represented each girl in some way or another. Mine is the striped airplane, so ME! Among other things we have a photographer, pharmacist, wino, Saints fan, etc, etc. The highlight was definitely the cookie that looked EXACTLY like Beth's blog logo I had recently designed. She totally nailed it! Unbelievable!

Our first morning breakfast consisted of every breakfast item you can imagine - waffles, bagels, biscuits, grits, bacon, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh pumpkin butter, real maple syrup, kerrygold butter, fresh fruit, juice - you get the idea! We do NOT mess around when it comes to meals!

All ten of us ate at the table, it felt very Jersey-shore!

After we sufficiently stuffed our faces we rolled headed to the beach! Well, some of us - Dusty and Natalie should get some HUGE credit for doing a 5k before breakfast, in the Florida heat. CRAZINESS.
The beach in Watercolor (and Destin) has to be the most beautiful in the US (as far as sandy, tropical beaches go! I'll always be a Pacific NW girl at heart!). White sand, blue waters. You can still see some of the damage from the oil spill but overall it's still breathtaking!

There is a Navy training base nearby - so we saw some of this:

Plenty of threatening clouds rolled around us but we never saw a drop of rain!

What would we ever do without Pinterest?

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