Girl's Weekend - It's a Wrap!

We spent our last day in one of the neighborhood pools, we had the entire pool to ourselves - it was wonderful! And how cute are these mosaic froggies?

After the pool we headed into Destin for our final dinner (sniff, sniff). The Back Porch is the perfect tourist stop - overpriced seafood along with open-air eating and a beautiful view.

And a kitty.

After dinner we made complete fools of ourselves on the beach. All in good fun. Again, thank you self-timers.

Of note, the following pictures were taken in this spot, in clear view of the poor diners at the Back Porch.

We had the bright idea to take a 'jumping' picture.  We tried the self-timer about 43 times before Beth decided to take over and capture the shot. We still failed.





You can't see but we are all sitting in a giant adirondack chair! And I promise, the last group photo!

After we'd done enough damage at the Back Porch we headed to Baytowne Wharf. This area is TOURIST central but so fun. We rode the carousel, ate gelato and enjoyed the warm evening air.

We found an amazing live band (Wes Heath and the Whiskey Band), in a fairly empty bar, with a private room with couches, and spent the night waving our lighters and batting our eyelashes at Wes.

And that finally wraps up Girls' weekend (summer edition) 2012! See you next year bishes!

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