Dancing on the Red Bar

After our day at the beach we came back home and started getting ready for dinner! This usually takes three hours, but with the plentiful showers we were ready in a snap (aka 2 hours). We had enough time to cuddle in one of the big beds with our adult beverages, which is really all that matters. Honestly, I could do this the entire weekend and be ok with it!

We had to wait almost two hours to eat dinner at Red Bar - perfect time for our annual sunset photo.
We were a bit indecisive about the best location and lighting! Thank goodness for self-timers and one volunteer passer-byer!
Still waiting for our table at Red Bar! Dying of hunger at this point!

There were lots of happy ladies - once the hanger subsided and drinks were delivered. And seriously, could my friends be any more beautiful? There was also a chugging challenge (forfeited). We came home and changed into our jammies, only to be peer pressured by a few strong-willed girls to head back out on the town! This area doesn't offer much as far as dance clubs but, as usual, we created a party wherever we went.

First, some pre-gaming. Also, please admire the fine booties of these ladies - new jeans inspired by this post! Where did we end up? Red Room, the place we had just left about 45 minutes earlier! We did what we do best, sang and danced our hearts out. Maybe one of us danced on the bar. I'll give you one guess who it was. If you guess me, you don't know me at all!

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